Thursday, 6 September 2012

Danielle's Signature healthy Omelette- Only 284 calories!

A tablespoon of garlic infused oil.
3 egg whites.
A half a small red onion.
1/4 of a red pepper.
4 sun-dried tomatoes.
1 hand full of spinach.
1 Table spoon of parmesan grated. 

1. Heat up a table spoon of garlic infused oil in a frying pan on a low heat.

2. Separate the 3 egg whites

3. Dice the red onion, red pepper and sun-dried tomatoes.

4. Add the egg whites to the frying pan, let this cook for 30 seconds

5. Add the diced red onion, red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.

6. Let cook for 5 minutes on a medium-high heat, flip in half if you so wish.

7. Grate a garnish of parmesan on top and voila a tasty healthy meal full of potein and vitamins!

Only 284 calories!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Urban Decay to stay Anti Animal Testing!

The big bosses at Urban Decay have decided not to sell in China (where is required by law for all cosmetics to be animal tested), All together now, Hip Hip, HOORAY!!!

Here is the link for their statement,default,pg.html

I am sooo happy that I can now continue to buy from Urban Decay, as they produce some of my favourite products ever. Love them lots, like (veggie) jelly tots.

A Very Happy Danielle

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lush Paraben Free Products

This is a full list of the products that DO NOT have parabens in them from Lush! 

Seanik Shampoo Bar (v)
Godiva Shampoo Bar (v)
Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar (v)
Karma Komba Shampoo Bar (v)
New Shampoo Bar (v)
Soak and Float Shampoo Barr (v)
Ultimate Shine Shampoo Bar (v)
Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar (v)
Dr Peppermint Shampoo Bar (v)
Trichomaina (v)
Gentle Lentil Solid Shampoo (v)
Big Shampoo (v)
Fair Trade Honey Shampoo
Blousey (v)
Reincarnate Shampoo (v)
No Drought Dry Shampoo (v)
Curly Wurly 

Jungle (v)
American Cream Conditioner
Coolaulin Conditioner
Big Solid Conditioner 
Happy Happy Joy Joy (v)

Caca Noir (v)
Caca Brun (v)
Caca Rouge (v)
Caca Marron (v)

R & B Hair Moisturiser (v)
Snake Oil (v)
The Hair Doctor
Shine so Bright 
Superbalm (v)

All soaps are paraben free.
13 Soap and Honey I Washed the Kids are not vegan.

Rub Rub Rub (v)
Glorious Mud (v)
Sugar Scrub (v)

Shower Smoothies
Dreamwash (v)
Turkish Delight (v)

BB Seaweed
Brazened Honey
Catastrophe Cosmetic (v)
Cosmetic Warrior
Cupcake (v)
Love Lettuce
Oatifix (v)
The Sacred Truth 

Toners and Steamers
Token to the gods (v)
dream steam (v)
moon and sun (v)
tea trea toner tab (v)

full of grace
British Nanny

Herbalism (v)
Fresh farmacy (v)
Dark Angels (v)
Coalface (v)
Aqua Marina (v)
Angels on bare skin (v)
Let the good times roll (v)
Sweet Japanese Girl (v)
Baby Face (v)

Lip Tints/Gloss
A million kisses (v)
Double Chocolate (v)
Latte Lip Tint
The Kiss

Lip Scrubs
Bubblegum (v)
Mint Julips (v)
Sweet Lips (v)
Popcorn (v)

All Toothy Tabs (v)

Emotional Brilliance
Ambition (v)
Believe (v)
Bubbly (v)
Charm (v)
Confident (v)
Decisive (v)
Drive (v)
Glamorous (v)
Passionate (v)
Perspective (v)
Power (v)
Strong (v)
Vibrance (v)

Emotional Brilliance (v)

Dusting Powers
Lustre (v)
Silky Underwear (v)
Vanilla Puff (v)

Massage Bars
All massage bars are paraben free, Soft Coer is the only one that is not vegan

Body butters
All boday butters are paraben free and vegan.

Hands and Feet
Putty in your hands (v)
Stepping Stone Foot Scrub (v)
T for Toes Foot Power (v)
Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream (v)

Body Tints
Black Stockings (v)
Silky Stockings (v)

T'eo (v)
Dirty Body Spray (v)
Aromaco (v)
The Greeench (v)
The Guv'ner

Lovely jubblies breast cream
Ultrabalm (v)

All bath bombs, bath melts Bubble bars and Fun are paraben free!
Honey Bee and Romance in the stone are the only bath bombs not to be vegan.
The Mum is the only Bubble bar not to be Vegan.

(v) = Vegan

As you can see the majority of Lush's products are paraben free, which is awesome!!!
Disclaimer: I understand that to have a water-based product you need to use a preservative, otherwise It would just decay within a few days. I just prefer to not use use products with them in :)



Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Companies that are no longer Cruelty Free!

Companies that are no longer cruelty free... *Sad face*
Hard Candy
Estee Lauder
Bobbi Brown
La Mer
Bumble & Bumble
Jo Malone
Tom Ford

These brands used to be among my favourites and this deeply upsets me.

The sad reason for these companies now becoming 'tested on animals' is due to them being sold in China, China's policy on cosmetics states that all cosmetics by law must be tested on animals to be able to be sold there! Disgraceful!

Of course these are large brands that see a mass market in China, but I hope for their sake that they either pull out for selling in China or China changes their policies.....Either way I am no longer going to give them my custom until they are Cruelty Free once again! Boycott animal testing companies!


Companies that are Cruelty and Paraben Free!

Here is a list of the only companies that are paraben and cruelty free (and now the only companies I buy from).

It is difficult to resist the temptation of the newly hyped products that do wonders which are not cruelty and paraben free, but I do feel very passionately about these issues. It has been my little challenge to find companies that share my ethics, and here are my brilliant finds....

Companies that are totally paraben and cruelty free:
Angel Face 
Yes to Carrots
Yes to Cucumbers
Yes to Tomatoes
Yes to Blueberries
Mama Mio
Burts Bees (part of  Clorox , who is not cruelty free :( )
Neal's Yard Remedies
Tarte Cosmetics
Nothing Nasty
Obessesive Compulsive Cosmetics
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
100% Pure
Pumpkin and Poppy Cosmetics
The All Natural Face
Yes Yes Yes Company
Handmade Naturals
Inka Mineral Cosmetics
Afterglow Cosmetics
Forest Secrets Skincare
Butter London
Faith in Nature
BareFaced Beauty
Amazing Cosmetics
Jayme Jayne Organic Body Care

Companies that are crulety free and have/may have some paraben free products:
Liz Earle
The Body Shop (owned by L'oreal, who are not cruelty free :( )
Physicians Formula
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics
Too Faced
Honesty Cosmetics
Crabtree & Evelyn
Wet n Wild

Resources & cruelty free bloggers:

If you are a company or know of a company that produces paraben and cruelty free products, please let me know in the comments or send me a tweet @MissMDX2012.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Angel Face 20% Off Sale!

Angel Face have a 20% off sale for this week only! 

Angel Face are a natural cosmetics company that specialise in mineral make-up, it has a strong comparison to BareMinerals but it's cheaper and dare I say BETTER. BareMinerals is a fabulous company but Angel Face's powders are strangely and brilliantly moisturising, excellent for us dry skinned ladies. 

 The foundations contain SPF 15 and an ingredient called allantoin, allantoin has healing properties and is used in many acne and burn treatments, so will actually make your skin healthier!

 Now if you have read my blog you will know that I try my best to use paraben and cruelty free products only, this brand totally fits the bill and deserves more recognition.

 I am in love with their brushes, the kabuki is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt in my life and it works like a dream! The brushes are all synthetic (which means that they wont soak up product) and cruelty free. 

You can order a sample set for the foundations so you will receive 2 shades to see what is your colour match, plus you will get the mini kabuki (LOVE) for just £12....£9.60 now in the sale!! Bargain! 

Plus 10p from every product sold will go to Bossom Buddies charity! 

Would highly recommend you check them out!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid or being given any products to review, these are my honest opinions on this brand. Giving kudos where it is deserved. 


Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Favourites

Okay, so I have been really neglecting my blog recently and I feel terrible about it! :( 
 Sooooo I have decided to write a blog entry everyday for the month of July. So here is the first one for the month, Hope you enjoy 'Bloguly'! 

June Favourites 

Lush 'Angels on Bare Skin'- Fabulous everyday cleaner full of lavender and almond milk, amazing to achieve beautiful glowing skin!

NYX 'Nude on Nude' Palette- Every nude you would need for you everyday eye look, plus it come with lip colours! Cheaper than the Urban Decay 'Naked' palettes too! 

Burt's bees Lip balm- Now, i'm not at all a fan of those lip 'tingle' products but there is something very refreshing about this lip balm, very hydrating and love the freshness of the peppermint oil!

Bio Sculpt gel nails in French Manicure. This stuff is amazing! I have had my manicure for well over a week now and my digits still look beauty palour fresh. No Parabens and No animal testing which is a huge thumbs up for me.

Hair care
Macadamia Oil, I pinched a bit from a friend whilst sharing a hotel room, this stuff is  Bea-u-ti-full and so nourishing for my dry ends! Deffo picking some up next time i'm in town. A mush have!

Good Things 'Dream Cream' Night Cream-This cream is extremely moisturing! A delicate scent of Fig and Avacardo, delightful! 

Burt's Bees 'Naturally Ageless Eye Line Smoothing creme'- Now this is my first ever eye creme, so i have no comparison, butttt I love this! My eyes feel so hydrated and less puffy, I'm 
only 23 and don't really have issues with fine lines and wrinkles (yet) But prevention is key! Love

Lush 'Soft Couer' Massage bar- Ridiculous yummy smelling, It has the same scent as 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap but with a chocolate twist, andddd the chocolate insert is edible! I use this on my legs as a moisturiser but fabulous for sharing on a special night in *Wink,Wink ;) *

I am currently testing out all perfumes from Lush, Current love is 'Breath of God', I think a future blog post on Lush's perfumes will feature in 'Bloguly' Keep your eyes peeled if this intrigues you :)

Lush 'Fizzbanger', this apple scented bath bomb is soo much fun! Listen to it crackle from the popping candy and their is a little surprise inside. :) 

Rituals Yogi Flow- A gorgeous Indian Rose and Almond Oil scented foaming shower gel, If you love Imperial Leather foaming gels, then you will love this luxurious, organic and nasties free (parabens) alternative! Very addictive scent.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and try out some of my favourites, you won't be disappointed!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fruit Popsicles

Instead of eating gallons of ice-cream this summer make your own fruit popsicles!!

Just freeze your favourite fruit juice with chopped up fruit and a stick and violia! A yummy healthy alternative.

Ones to try: Mango, Blueberry, Pineapple & Cherry. Yummy!


Free Lush Bath Bomb

The Compounders are back (and this time they mean business!)

We can now confirm the release (!) of 38 of our wonderful compounders from the Lush kitchens, who are all equipped with everything they need to show you what it's like to make our fresh, handmade products!
PLUS - You will be able to make an exclusive, limited edition product on the day! Get stuck in, your hands dirty (or should we say very clean?!) and take home your very own handmade treat.
13-Apr - Poole, Hull, Taunton 
14-Apr - Bournemouth, York, Bath 
15-Apr - Southampton, Leeds, Bristol 
20-Apr - Swansea, Truro, Brighton 
21-Apr - Cardiff, Plymouth, Chichester 
22-Apr - Bristol Cribbs, Exeter, Portsmouth
27-Apr - Maidstone, Norwich, Inverness 
28-Apr - Crawley, Colchester, Aberdeen 
29-Apr - Basingstoke, Chelmsford, Dundee 
04-May - Cork, Belfast, Edinburgh 
05-May - Dublin (Henry), Newry, Carlisle 
06-May - Dublin (Grafton), Dublin (Grafton), Newcastle 
11-May - Sunderland, Preston, Derby 
12-May - Middlesbrough, Man. Trafford, Nottingham 
13-May - Harrogate, Liverpool, Leicester 
18-May - Northampton, Watford, Gateshead 
19-May - Milton Keynes, High Wycombe, Man. Arndale
20-May - Luton, Oxford, Sheffield 
25-May - Chester, St Albans, Peterborough 
26-May - Telford, Kingston, Cambridge 
27-May - Birmingham, Guildford, Reading 
01-Jun - Livingston, Manchester, Solihull 
02-Jun - Glasgow (Sauchiehall), Wakefield, Redditch 
03-Jun - Meadowhall, Lincoln, Worcester 
08-Jun - Warrington, Glasgow (Braehead), Merryhill 
09-Jun - Coventry, Stirling, Carmarthen 
10-Jun - Swindon, Glasgow (Buchanan), Cheltenham 
15-Jun - Bolton, Eastbourne, Romford, Stratford 
16-Jun - Doncaster, Bromley, Lakeside, Wimbledon 
17-Jun - Hanley, Croydon, Bluewater, Windsor 
27-Jul - Brent Cross
28-Jul - Stratford City
29-Jul - White City
04-Aug - Regent Street, Liverpool St
05-Aug - South Molton St, Kings Road
10-Aug - Victoria Station
11-Aug - Covent Garden

Taken from the Lush website!!! Exciting!!!