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Make-Up Tip 1- Pencil Eyeliner/Lip liner Dry?

Q. What do you do if your pencil eyeliner or lip liner is dry and not transferring very well. 

1. Run a hairdryer over it for a few seconds or run the tip though a flame for two seconds.
2. lightly test on the back of your hand. 
3. If too creamy let it cool for a few more seconds.
4. If not moist enough, repeat steps 1 & 2.

Don't throw out something you can rescue :)

Hope this tip helped....Comments below are appreciated.

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Make- Up Tip 2 - Alternative make-up

Lipstick- Blusher

  • Dab your chosen lipstick on the apples of your cheeks
  • Blend out with your fingers or brush

Light shimmery eyeshadow- highlighter

  • Sweep the eyeshadow over the areas of your face that you wish to highlight. i.e The top of the cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

Lipliner- lipstick

  • Simply fill in your lips
  • Add lipgloss and your good to go!

Eyeshadow- Brow powder

  • Choose an eyeshadow closest to your natural eyebrow colour.
  • Using an angled brush, use light stroke to fill in your brows.

Eyeshadow- Eyeliner

  • Pick the colour you wish to use as eyeliner from your eyeshadow collection
  • Using an angled or eyeliner brush, carefully build the eyeliner effect you want.
  • Add a drop of water to the eyeshadow for a creamy application.
  • This can be winged, double winged and used in the lower lash line.
  • Try not to put power in the waterline.

Comments appreciated. 

Danielle Latimer

Make-Up Tip 3- Soft Lips

There are two ways to achieve soft lips without shelling a penny out for unnecessary lip scrubs.

1. Rub a moist flannel over the lip area to exfoliate dead skin cells.


2. When brushing your teeth, gently run the brush over your lips in a circular motion. This will also remove the dead skin cells that give the appearance of chapped dry lips. (This is my favorite method because it takes one second to do after brushing my teeth)

After these methods, don't forget to apply your favorite lip balm/lip butter. (My current favorite is Vaseline in Creme Brule)

Hope this was helpful

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